If given, prepend the given string to every single internal cross file reference.
The use case of this is if you are migrating from one domain to another, and want to keep old files around to not break links, but would rather redirect users to the new preferred pages instead to gather PageRank there.
E.g. suppose that you previously had at myoldsite.com you had:
= Animal

<Dogs> don't eat <bananas>.

== Dog
= Plant

== Banana
Originally that would render as:
<a href="#dog">Dogs</a> don't eat <a href="plant#banana">bananas</a>.
But then if you set in ourbigbook.json:
  "reroutePrefix": "https://mynewsite.com/"
it will instead render as:
<a href="#dog">Dogs</a> don't eat <a href="https://mynewsite.com/plant#banana">bananas</a>.
  • dogs: untouched as it links to the same page as the current one
  • bananas: the prefix is added, as it is on another page
Scopes are automatically resolved so that they will also be present in the target. E.g. in:
= Notindex2
we get on subdir/notindex.html:
<a href="https://mynewsite.com/subdir/notindex2.html">
and not:
<a href="https://mynewsite.com/notindex2.html">