If even existing topics and discussions have failed you, and you have finally understood a subject after a few hours of Googling, why not share your knowledge by creating a new article yourself?
There are a few ways to do that.
Figure 28. One easy way to create an article about a given topic is to use the "New Article in Topic" button from the topic page. URL: ourbigbook.com/go/topic/fundamental-theorem-of-calculus
Figure 29. Another option is to click the "Create my version of this topic button". URL: ourbigbook.com/barack-obama/mathematics#fundamental-theorem-of-calculus
Figure 30. If you click do any of the above links, you will be redirected to the editor page, and the title will be preset. By simply using that exact same title to create your new article, your article will then appear in the correct "Fundamental theorem of calculus" topic where others might see it. ourbigbook.com/go/new?title=Proof%20of%20the%20fundamental%20theorem%20of%20calculus.


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