When running in Node.js, OurBigBook dumps the IDs of all processed files to a out/db.sqlite3 file in the out directory, and then reads from that file when IDs are needed.
When converting under a directory that contains ourbigbook.json, out/db.sqlite3 is placed inside the same directory as the ourbigbook.json file.
If there is no ourbigbook.json in parent directories, then out/db.sqlite3 is placed in the current working directory.
These follows the principles described at: the current working directory does not matter when there is a ourbigbook.json.
db.sqlite3 is not created or used when handling input from stdin.
When running in the browser, the same JavaScript API will send queries to the server instead of a local SQLite database.
To inspect the ID database to debug it, you can use:
sqlite3 out/db.sqlite3 .dump
It is often useful to dump a single table, e.g. to dump the ids table:
sqlite3 out/db.sqlite3 '.dump ids'
and one particularly important query is to dump a list of all known IDs:
sqlite3 out/db.sqlite3 'select id from ids'
You can force ourbigbook to not use the ID database with the --no-db command line option


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