dist/ contains fully embedded packaged versions that work on browsers as per common JavaScript package naming convention. All the following files are generated with Webpack with:
npm run webpack
which is called from npm run build-assets.
When publishing with OurBigBook CLI, dist is placed under the _obb directory.
The files in that directory are:
  • dist/ourbigbook.js: OurBigBook JavaScript API converter for browser usage. The source entry point for it is located at index.js. Contains the code of every single dependency used from node_modules used by index.js. This is notably used for the live-preview of a browser editor with preview.
  • dist/ourbigbook_runtime.js: similar dist/ourbigbook.js, but contains the converted output of ourbigbook_runtime.js. You should include this in every OurBigBook HTML output.
  • dist/ourbigbook.css: minimized CSS needed to view OurBigBook output as intended. Embeds all OurBigBook CSS dependencies, notably the KaTeX CSS without which mathematics displays as garbage. The Sass entry point for it is: ourbigbook.scss.
  • dist/editor.css: the CSS of the editor, rendered from editor.scss.
To develop these files, you absolutely want to use:
npm run webpack-dev
This runs Webpack in development mode, which has two huge advantages:
npm run webpack-dev also enables watch mode, so it keeps running until you turn it off.
This setup also works seamlessly when developing OurBigBook Web, just let the watch process run in a separate terminal.


  1. Generated files
  2. Overview of files in this repository
  3. Developing OurBigBook
  4. OurBigBook Project