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A block image with capital 'i' Image showcasing most of the image properties Figure 6. "The title of my image".
Have a look at this amazing image: \x[image-my-test-image].

{title=The title of my image}
{description=The description of my image.}
which renders as:
Have a look at this amazing image: Figure 6. "The title of my image".
Figure 6.
The title of my image
. Source. The description of my image.
This exemplifies the following parameters:
  • title: analogous to the \H title argument. Shows up preeminently, and sets a default ID if one is not given. It is recommended that you don't add a period . to it, as that would show in cross references
  • image description argument
  • source: a standardized way to credit an image by linking to a URL that contains further image metadata
For further discussion on the effects of ID see: Section 1. "Image ID".
And this is how you make an inline image inline one with lower case i:
My inline \image[Tank_man_standing_in_front_of_some_tanks.jpg][test image] is awesome.
which renders as:
My inline test image is awesome.
Inline images can't have captions.
And now for an image outside of \OurBigBookExample to test how it looks directly under the \Toplevel implicit macro: Figure 7.
Figure 7


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