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The following basenames are considered "index files":
  • README.bigb
  • index.bigb
Those basenames have the following magic properties:
  • the default output file name for an index file in HTML output is either:
    • index.html when in the project toplevel directory. E.g. README.bigb renders to index.html. Note that GitHub and many other static website hosts then automatically hide the index.html part from the URL, so that your README.bigb hosted at http://example.com will be accessible simply under http://example.com and not http://example.com/index.html
    • the name of the subdirectory in which it is located when not in the project toplevel directory. E.g. mysubdir/index.bigb outputs to mysubdir.html
      Previously, we had placed the output in mysubdir/index.html, but this is not as nice as it makes GitHub pages produce URLs with a trailing slash as mysubdir/, which is ugly, see also: stackoverflow.com/questions/5948659/when-should-i-use-a-trailing-slash-in-my-url
  • the default toplevel header ID of an index files is derived from the parent directory basename rather than from the source file basename


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