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If an insane topic link is made up of a single word then it can be written in the following even succincter notation, without the need for angle brackets:
I like #dogs
which renders as:
I like dogs
is equivalent to:
I like <#dogs>
Word separation is defined analogously to Insane link parsing rules, i.e.:
  • # can start from anywhere, including the middle of words, e.g.:
    which renders as:
    would produce a link immediately preceded by the characters abc.
  • # ends at any insane link termination character, e.g.:
    • Topic is mytopic:
      #mytopic is cool
      which renders as:
      mytopic is cool
    • Topic is mytopic, with the comma:
      #mytopic, is cool
      which renders as:
      mytopic, is cool
      So you likely would have had instead used the sane syntax in this case with <#mytopic>, is cool to avoid that.


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