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Give multiple times to enable a list of certain types of logs to stderr help debugging, e.g.:
./ourbigbook --log ast tokens -- README.bigb
Note that this follows commander.js' insane variadic argumentso syntax, and thus the -- is required above. If you want to omit it for a single value you have to add the = sign as in:
./ourbigbook --log=ast README.bigb
Values not documented in other sections:
  • ast: the full final parsed abstract syntax tree as JSON
  • ast-simple: a simplified view of the abstract syntax tree with one AstNode or AstArgument per line and showing only the most important fields
  • ast-pp-simple: view snapshots of the various abstract syntax tree post process stages, more info at: conversion process overview
  • ast-inside: print the AST from inside the ourbigbook.convert call before it returns.
    This is useful to debug the program if ourbigbook.convert blows up on the next stages before returning.
  • db: show database transactions done by OurBigBook, to help debug stuff like cross file references
  • mem: show process memory usage as per Node.js' process.memoryUsage() after each --log perf step: stackoverflow.com/questions/12023359/what-do-the-return-values-of-node-js-process-memoryusage-stand-for. Implies --log perf.
    To use this options, you must run OurBigBook with the --expose-gc command line option, e.g. with:
    node --expose-gc $(which ourbigbook) myfile.bigb
  • parse: parsing steps
  • tokenize: tokenization steps
  • tokens: final parsed token stream
  • tokens-inside: like ast-inside but for tokens.
    Also adds token index to the output, which makes debugging the parser way easier.


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