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Ciro Santilli developed OurBigBook to perfectly satisfy his writing style, which is basically "create one humongous document where you document everything you know about a subject so everyone can understand it, and just keep adding to it".
cirosantilli.com is the first major document that he has created in OurBigBook.
He decided to finally create this new system after having repeatedly facing limitations of Asciidoctor which were ignored/wontfixed upstream, because Ciro's writing style is not as common/targeted by Asciidoctor.
Following large documents Ciro worked extensively on:
made the limitations of Asciidoctor clear to Ciro, and were major motivation in this work.
The key limitations have repeatedly annoyed Ciro were:
  • cannot go over header level 6, addressed at: unlimited header levels
  • the need for -S, --split-headers to avoid one too large HTML output that will never get indexed properly by search engines, and takes a few seconds to load on any browser, which is unacceptable user experience


  1. Design goals
  2. OurBigBook Markup and CLI overview
  3. OurBigBook Project