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OurBigBook configuration file that affects the behaviour of ourbigbook for all files in the directory.
ourbigbook.json not used for input from stdin, since we are mostly doing quick tests in that case.
While ourbigbook.json is optional, it is used to determine the toplevel directory of a OurBigBook project, which has some effects such as those mentioned at the toplevel index file.
Therefore, it is recommended that you always have a ourbigbook.json in your project's toplevel directory, even if it is going to be an empty JSON containing just:
For example, if you convert a file in a subdirectory such as:
ourbigbook subdir/notindex.bigb
then ourbigbook walks up the filesystem tree looking for ourbigbook.json, e.g.:
  • is there a ./subdir/ourbigbook.json?
  • otherwise, is there a ./ourbigbook.json?
  • otherwise, is there a ../ourbigbook.json?
  • otherwise, is there a ../../ourbigbook.json?
and so on.
If we reach the root path / and no ourbigbook.json is found, then we understand that there is no ourbigbook.json file present.


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