List of paths relative to the project toplevel directory that OurBigBook CLI will ignore, unless it also has a match in dontIgnore.
Each entry is a JavaScript regular expression, and it must match the entire path from start to end to count.
If a directory is ignored, all its contents are also automatically ignored.
Useful if your project has a large directory that does not contain OurBigBook sources, and you don't want OurBigBook to mess with it.
Only ignores recursive conversions, e.g. given:
  "ignore": [
ourbigbook .
skips that directory, but
ourbigbook web/myfile.bigb
converts it because it was explicitly requested.
  • ignore all files with a given extension;
    "ignore": [
    Yes, it is a bit obnoxious to have to escape . and the backslash. We should use some proper globbing library like: github.com/isaacs/node-glob. But on the other hand ignore from .gitignore makes this mostly useless, as .gitignore will be used most of the time.
TODO: also ignore during -w, --watch.


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