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Default: true
If true place the HTML output under the out directory at out/html.
For example with:
  "outputOutOfTree": false
ourbigbook hello.bigb
would be place its output under:
instead of out/html/hello.html.
Advantages of outputOutOfTree=true:
  • the source tree becomes cleaner, especially when using -S, --split-headers which can produce hundreds of output files from a single input file
  • if you want to track several .html source files in-tree, you don't need to add an exception to each of of them on the .gitignore as:
  • you have to type more to open each output file on the terminal
This option is always forced to false when --outdir <outdir> is given.
Implemented at: github.com/ourbigbook/ourbigbook/issues/163


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