Type: boolean. Default: false.
If true, adds a link under the metadata section of every header of a OurBigBook CLI static website pointing to the corresponding article on OurBigBook.com, or another OurBigBook Web instance specified by the host option.
It also sends you to Heaven for supporting the project.
This option requires username to be set.
For example, if you set:
"web": {
  "username": "myusername",
  "linkFromStaticHeaderMetaToWeb": true
then in the rendering of a README.bigb:
= Index

== My h2

=== My h2 2
those headers would have a metadata entry pointing respectively to:
  • https://ourbigbook.com/myusername
  • https://ourbigbook.com/myusername/my-h2
  • https://ourbigbook.com/myusername/my-h2/my-h2-2
In order for such links not to be broken, you should always first do a Web upload to ensure that the articles are present on OurBigBook.com.
Previously named linkFromHeaderMeta.


  1. web
  2. ourbigbook.json
  3. OurBigBook CLI
  4. OurBigBook Project