If given, prepend the given string to every single internal cross file reference output.
The initial application of this option was to Section "Redirect from a static website to a dynamic website".
E.g. suppose that you previously had at myoldsite.com you had:
= Animal

<Dogs> don't eat <bananas>.

== Dog
= Plant

== Banana
Originally that would render as:
<a href="#dog">Dogs</a> don't eat <a href="plant#banana">bananas</a>.
But then if you set in ourbigbook.json:
  "publishXPrefix": "https://mynewsite.com/"
it will instead render as:
<a href="#dog">Dogs</a> don't eat <a href="https://mynewsite.com/plant#banana">bananas</a>.
  • dogs: untouched as it links to the same page as the current one
  • bananas: the prefix is added, as it is on another page
Scopes are automatically resolved so that they will also be present in the target. E.g. in:
= Notindex2
we get on subdir/notindex.html:
<a href="https://mynewsite.com/subdir/notindex2.html">
and not:
<a href="https://mynewsite.com/notindex2.html">