Source files:
  • index.js: main code. Must be able to run in the browser, so no Node.js specifics. Exposes the central convert function. You should normally use the packaged _obb/ourbigbook.js when using ourbigbook as an external dependency.
  • ourbigbook: CLI executable. Is basically just a CLI interface frontend to convert
  • test.js: contains all the Mocha tests, see also: test system
  • README.md: minimal Markdown README until GitHub / NPM support OurBigBook :-)
  • ourbigbook_runtime.js: runtime features
  • main.scss this file simply contains the customized CSS for docs.ourbigbook.com/ and does not get otherwise distributed with OurBigBook, see: CSS


  1. Developing OurBigBook
  2. OurBigBook Project