OurBigBook tooling is so amazing that we also take care of the HTML publishing for you!
Once a publish target is properly setup, all you have to do is run:
git add README.bigb
git commit -m 'more content!'
ourbigbook --publish
and your changes will be published to the default target specified in ourbigbook.json.
If not specified, e.g. with the the --publish-target option, the default target is to publish to GitHub Pages.
Only changes committed to Git are pushed.
Files that ourbigbook knows how to process get processed and only their outputs are added to the published repo, those file types are:
  • .bigb files are converted to .html
  • .scss files are converted to .css
Every other Git-tracked file is pushed as is.
When --publish is given, stdin input is not accepted, and so the current directory is built by default, i.e. the following two are equivalent:
./ourbigbook --publish
./ourbigbook --publish .
Publishing only happens if the build has no errors.


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