To produce a single standalone output file that contains everything the viewer needs to correctly see the page do:
npx ourbigbook --embed-resources --embed-includes README.bigb
You can now just give the generated out/html/index.html to any reader and they should be able to view it offline without installing anything. The flags are:
  • --embed-includes: without this, \Include[not-readme] shows as a link to the file out/html/not-readme.html which comes from not-readme.bigb With the flag, not-readme.bigb output gets embedded into the output out/html/index.html directly
  • --embed-resources: by default, we link to CSS and JavaScript that lives inside node_modules. With this flag, that CSS and JavaScript is copied inline into the document instead. One day we will try to handle images that way as well


  1. Important command line options
  2. OurBigBook CLI quick start
  3. OurBigBook CLI
  4. OurBigBook Project