Figure 43. logo-transparent.svg.
This is a version of logo.svg with a transparent background instead of the hardcoded black background.
It was useful e.g. for t-shirt merch, where the t-shirt background choices were not perfectly black, and the black square would be visible (and possibly glossy) otherwise, which would not be nice.
Figure 44. logo-transparent-with-text.svg. This version of the logo was useful when designing project T-shirts on tshirtstudio.com. On that website, you can't easily resize images with drag and drop, so:
  • leaving some extra margin at the top would make the text more likely visible considering the hoodie
  • leaving some extra margin around allows us to make the image a bit less huge and imposing
Figure 45. logo-transparent-with-text-and-slogan-2000.png. This is perhaps a superior alternative to Figure 44. "logo-transparent-with-text.svg" for merchandise, as the project slogan could clarify further what the merchandise is all about.
Figure 46. logo-transparent-with-text-and-slogan-2000-2150.png.
This is the same as logo-transparent-with-text-and-slogan-2000.png but with a 150 px border added to the top to ensure that the tshirtstudio.com hoodie hood won't hide the URL.
It was created with:
convert logo-transparent-with-text-and-slogan-2000.png -gravity north -background transparent -splice 0x150 logo-transparent-with-text-and-slogan-2000-2150.png
Some rationale:
  • the lowercase b followed by uppercase B gives the idea of big and small
  • the small o looks a bit like a degree symbol, which feels sciency. It also contributes to the idea of small to big: o is smallest, b a bit larger, and B actually big
  • keep the same clear on black feeling as the default CSS output
  • yellow, green and blue are the colors of Brazil, where Ciro Santilli was born!
It might be cool if we were able to come up with something that looks more like an actual book though instead of just using a boring lettermark.
A good point of the current design is that it suggests a certain simplicity. We want the explanations of our website to be simple and accessible to all.


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