This section describes how to generate mass redirects from a static website such as cirosantilli.com to a OurBigBook Web dynamic website such as ougbook.com/cirosantilli.
The use case of this is if you are migrating from one domain to another, and want to keep old files around to not break links, but would rather redirect users to the new preferred pages instead to gather PageRank there.
This happened in our case when Ciro felt that OurBigBook Web had reach enough maturity to be a reasonable reader alternative to the static website.
Basically what you want to do in that case is to use the following options:
as in:
"publishOptions": {
  "toSplitHeaders": true,
  "htmlXExtension": false,
  "xPrefix": "https://ourbigbook.com/cirosantilli/"


  1. OurBigBook CLI
  2. OurBigBook Project