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Install master globally on your machine:
git clone https://github.com/ourbigbook/ourbigbook
cd ourbigbook
npm link
npm link ourbigbook
npm run build-assets
so you can now run the ourbigbook command from any directory in your computer, for example to convert the ourbigbook documentation itself:
ourbigbook .
Note that this repository uses outputOutOfTree, and so the output will be present at out/html/index.html rather than index.html.
We also have a shortcut for npm link and npm link ourbigbook:
npm run link
npm run link produces symlinks so that any changes made to the Git source tree will automatically be visible globally, see also: stackoverflow.com/questions/28440893/install-a-locally-developed-npm-package-globally The symlink structure looks like:
/home/ciro/ourbigbook/node_modules/ourbigbook -> /home/ciro/.nvm/versions/node/v14.17.0/lib/node_modules/ourbigbook -> /home/ciro/ourbigbook
As mentioned at useless knowledge, most users don't want global installations of OurBigBook. But this can be handy during development, as you can immediately see how your changes to OurBigBook source code affect your complex example of interest. For example, Ciro developed a lot of OurBigBook by hacking github.com/cirosantilli/cirosantilli.github.io directly with OurBigBook master.
Just remember that if you add a new dependency, you must redo the symlinking business:
npm install <dependency>
npm run link
Asked if there is a better way at: stackoverflow.com/questions/59389027/how-to-interactively-test-the-executable-of-an-npm-node-js-package-during-develo. The symlink business can be undone with:
npm unlink
rm node_modules/ourbigbook


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