When nested scopes are involved, cross references resolution peels off the scopes one by one trying to find the closes match, e.g. the following works as expected:
= h1

== h2

=== h3

Here OurBigBook:
  • first tries to loop for an h1/h2/h3/h2, since h1/h2/h3 is the current scope, but that ID does not exist
  • so it removes the h3 from the current scope, and looks for h1/h2/h2, which is still not found
  • then it removes the h2, leading to h1/h2, and that one is found, and therefore is taken


  1. \H scope argument
  2. \H arguments
  3. Header
  4. Macro
  5. OurBigBook Markup
  6. OurBigBook Project