Before pushing any new changes, and especially ones that seem dangerous, it is a good idea to first deploy to a staging server.
We have a staging server running at: ourbigbook-staging.herokuapp.com/
To set it up, we just follow the exact same steps as for Heroku deployment but with a different app ID. E.g. using the ourbigbook-staging heroku project ID:
git remote add staging https://git.heroku.com/ourbigbook-staging.git
heroku addons:create -a ourbigbook-staging --confirm ourbigbook-staging heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev
heroku config:set -a ourbigbook-staging SECRET="$(tr -dc A-Za-z0-9 </dev/urandom | head -c 256)"
npm run deploy-staging
To copy the main database in staging we can follow the instructions at: stackoverflow.com/questions/10673630/how-do-i-transfer-production-database-to-staging-on-heroku-using-pgbackups-gett Considering a production Heroku app ID of ourbigbook:
heroku maintenance:on -a ourbigbook-staging &&
heroku pg:copy ourbigbook::DATABASE_URL DATABASE_URL -a ourbigbook-staging &&
heroku maintenance:off -a ourbigbook-staging
To get a shell on the stating server you can run:
heroku run -a ourbigbook-staging bash


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