Step debug during a test run. Add the statement:
to where you want to break in the code, and then run:
npm run testi -- -g 'p with id before'
where i in testi stands for inspect from node inspect. Also consider the alias:
npmtgi() ( npm run testi -- -g "$*" )
Note however that this does not work for tests that run the ourbigbook executable itself, since those spawn a separate process. TODO how to do it? Tried along:
const out = child_process.spawnSync('node', ['inspect', 'ourbigbook'].concat(options.args), {
  cwd: tmpdir,
  input: options.stdin,
  stdio: 'inherit',
but not working, related: stackoverflow.com/questions/23612087/gulp-target-to-debug-mocha-tests So for now, we are just printing the command being run as in:
cmd: cd out/test/executable-ourbigbook.json-outputOutOfTree && ourbigbook --split-headers .
so you can just re-run it manually with node inspect as in:
cd out/test/executable-ourbigbook.json-outputoutoftree && node inspect "../../../ourbigbook" --split-headers .
This works since the tmp directory is not deleted in case of failure.


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