Run all tests:
npm test
To run all tests on PostgreSQL as in the OurBigBook Web, first setup the PostgreSQL database similarly to local run as identical to deployment as possible:
createdb ourbigbook_cli
psql -c "CREATE ROLE ourbigbook_user with login password 'a'"
psql -c 'GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE ourbigbook_cli TO ourbigbook_user'
and then run with:
npm run test-pg
List all tests:
node node_modules/mocha-list-tests/mocha-list-tests.js main.js
as per: stackoverflow.com/questions/41380137/list-all-mocha-tests-without-executing-them/58573986#58573986.
Run just one test by name:
npm test -- -g 'one paragraph'
or on PostgreSQL:
npm run test-pg -- -g 'one paragraph'
As per: stackoverflow.com/questions/10832031/how-to-run-a-single-test-with-mocha todo: what if the test name is a substring? You will want these Bash aliases:
npmtg() ( npm test -- -g "$*" )
npmtpg() ( npm run test-pg -- -g "$*" )
which allos you to just:
npmtg one paragraph
npmtpg one paragraph
Run all tests that don't start with cli::
npm test -- -g '^(?!cli:)'
This works because -g takes JavaScript regular expressions, so we can use negative lookahead, see also: stackoverflow.com/questions/26908288/with-mocha-how-do-i-run-all-tests-that-dont-have-slow-in-the-name


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