A URL with protocol is a URL that matches the regular expression ^[a-zA-Z]+://. The following are examples of URLs with protocol:
  • http://cirosantilli.com
  • https://cirosantilli.com
  • file:///etc/fstab
  • ftp://cirosantilli.com
The following aren't:
  • index.js
  • ../index.js
  • path/to/index.js
  • /path/to/index.js
  • //example.com/path/to/index.js. This one is a bit tricky. Web browsers would consider this as a protocol-relative URL, which technically implies a protocol, although that protocol would be different depending how you are viewing the file, e.g. locally through file:// vs on a with website https://.
    For simplicity's sake, we just consider it as a URL without protocol.


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