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Install the NPM package globally and use it from the command line for a quick conversion:
npm install -g ourbigbook
printf 'ab\ncd\n' | ourbigbook --body-only
or to a file:
printf 'ab\ncd\n' | ourbigbook > tmp.html
You almost never want to do this except when developing OurBigBook, as it won't be clear what version of ourbigbook the document should be compiled with. Just be a good infant and use OurBigBook with the template that contains a package.json via npx, OK?
Furthermore, the default install of Chromium on Ubuntu 21.04 uses Snap and blocks access to dotfiles. For example, in a sane NVM install, our global CSS would live under /home/ciro/.nvm/versions/node/v14.17.0/lib/node_modules/ourbigbook/_obb/ourbigbook.css, which gets blocked because of the .nvm part:
One workaround is to use --embed-resources, but this of course generates larger outputs.
To run master globally from source for development see: Section "Run OurBigBook master". This one actually works despite the dotfile thing since your development path is normally outside of dotfiles.
Try out the JavaScript API with lib_hello.js:
npm install ourbigbook


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