Don't quit ourbigbook immediately.
Instead, watch the selected file or directory for changes, and rebuild individual files when changes are detected.
Watch every .bigb file in an entire directory:
ourbigbook --watch .
When a directory is given as the input path, this automatically first does an ID extraction pass on all files to support cross file references.
Now you can just edit any OurBigBook file such has README.bigb, save the file in your editor, and refresh the webpage and your change should be visible, no need to run a ourbigbook command explicitly every time.
Exit by entering Ctrl + C on the terminal.
Watch a single file:
ourbigbook --watch README.bigb
When a single file is watched, the reference database is not automatically updated. If it is not already up-to-date, you should first update it with:
ourbigbook .
otherwise you will just get a bunch of undefined ID errors every time the input file is saved.
TODO: integrate Live Preview: asciidoctor.org/docs/editing-asciidoc-with-live-preview/ to also dispense the browser refresh.


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