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stackoverflow.com/questions/18215389/how-do-i-measure-request-and-response-times-at-once-using-curl is a useful one if the server is slow:
curl -o /dev/null -s -w 'Establish Connection: %{time_connect}s\nTTFB: %{time_starttransfer}s\nTotal: %{time_total}s\n' http://localhost:3000
As documented at nextjs.org/docs/advanced-features/measuring-performance by uncommenting the following lines under web/pages/_app.tsx:
//export function reportWebVitals(metric) {
//  console.log(metric)
we see a few metrics printed on the browser such as:
    "id": "1667591558646-5510113745482",
    "name": "TTFB",
    "startTime": 0,
    "value": 2474.199999999255,
    "label": "web-vital"
    "id": "1667591558646-9119282792899",
    "name": "LCP",
    "startTime": 4982.099,
    "value": 4982.099,
    "label": "web-vital"


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