Topics group articles that have the same title by different users. This feature allows you to find the best article for a given topic, and it is one of the key innovations of OurBigBook Web.
Topics are a bit like Twitter hashtags or Quora questions: their goal is to centralize knowledge about a specific subject by different people at a single location.
Video 13. OurBigBook Web topics demo. Source.
Figure 25.
Mr. Obama's article about the fundamental theorem of calculus was not very good, and we were left clueless.
But we can see that there are 3 articles in total about "Fundamental theorem of calculus", 2 of them by other authors, so maybe one of the others will help!
Figure 26.
After clicking that button, we reach the "Fundamental theorem of calculus" topic page.
Here we see that there are 3 articles in total. The one by Mr. Trump has 1 vote, while the others have zero, so Trump's appears on top. So maybe that is the best one!
After a quick read, it does look like it might be interesting. Let's click on "Read the full article" to also see the descendant articles by Mr. Trump.
Figure 27.
That's clearly, a superior article that will enlighten our problem.
Donald must either be a very talented teacher or a hard working student from some other university. Thanks Mr. Trump!


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