OurBigBook Project places output files that are not the output of .bigb to .html conversion (i.e. .html output files) under the _raw/ prefix of the output.
Internal links then automatically add the _raw/ prefix to every link.
For example, consider an input directory that contains:
= Hello

Check out \a[myfile.c].

The source code for this file is at: \a[notindex.bigb].

int i = 1;
After conversion with:
ourbigbook .
the following files would exist in the output directory:
  • notindex.html: converted output of notindex.bigb
  • _raw/notindex.bigb: a copy of the input source code notindex.bigb
  • _raw/myfile.c: a copy of the input file myfile.c
  • _raw/myimg.png: a copy of the input file myimg.c
and all links/image references would work and automtically point to the correct locations under _raw.
Some live examples:
  • link to a file:
    The file \a[index.js] is cool.
    which renders as:
    The file index.js is cool.
  • link to a directory:
    The directory \a[file_demo] is cooler.
    which renders as:
    The directory file_demo is cooler.
The reason why a _raw prefix is needed it to avoid naming conflicts with OurBigBook outputs, e.g. suppose we had the files:
  • configure
  • configure.bigb
Then, in a server that omits the .html extension, if we didn't have _raw/ both configure.html and configure would be present under /configure. With _raw we instead get:
  • _raw/configure: the input /configure file
  • configure: the HTML



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