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VS Code is intended to be the best supported OurBigBook editor.
The official OurBigBook extension is published at: marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=ourbigbook.ourbigbook-vscode by the publisher account: marketplace.visualstudio.com/publishers/ourbigbook. Its source code is located under vscode. You can install it with:
ext install ourbigbook.ourbigbook-vscode
ext install streetsidesoftware.code-spell-checker
We recommend adding the following settings to your User JSON settings file:
"cSpell.enableFiletypes": [
Currently, the extension it only supports syntax highlighting, but we want to support everything you would expect from proper programming language support, notably:
  • deployment as static website or to OurBigBook Web
  • build with click to line stdout error parsing
  • jump to ID definitions
  • HTML preview, maybe we should learn from the Asciidoc extension
Historically, Vim support came first and was better developed. But that was just an ad-hoc path of least resistance, VS Code is the one we are going to actually support moving forward.
Our syntax highlighting attempts mostly to follow the official HTML style, which is perhaps the best maintained data-language. We have also had a look at the LaTeX, Markdown and Asciidoctor ones for refernce.
One current fundamental limitation of VS Code is that there is no way to preview images and mathematics inline with text: stackoverflow.com/questions/52709966/vscode-is-it-possible-to-show-an-image-inside-a-text-buffer If only it were able to do that, it would go a long way to being as good as a WYSIWYG interface.
Video 18.
Edit locally and publish demo
. Source. This shows editing OurBigBook Markup and publishing it using the VS Code extension.
Figure 37.
Screenshot of a sample OurBigBook project in VS Code



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