The OurBigBook Project is creating the ultimate tool to publish textbooks/personal knowledge bases/Zettelkasten/digital gardens in the learn in public philosophy. It is our best shot yet at the final real-world Encyclopedia Galactica by allowing effective mind melding/collective intelligence via the topics feature.
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Mission: to live in a world where you can learn university-level mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and engineering from perfect free open source books that anyone can write to get famous.
Ultimate goal: destroy the currently grossly inefficient education system and replace it with a much more inspiring system where people learn what they want as fast as possible to reach their goals faster without so much useless pain.
How to get there: create a website that incentivizes learners (notably university students taking courses) to write freely licensed university-level natural science books in their own words for free. Their motivation for doing that are:
  • getting their knowledge globally recognized and thus better jobs
  • improving the world
  • learning by teaching
Video 1.
Introduction to the OurBigBook Project
. Source.
Notable features:
  1. topics: groups the articles of different users about the same topic, sorted by upvote to achieve mind melding/collective intelligence. This makes your articles easier for others to find.
    Figure 2.
    The topics feature allows you to find the best version of a subject written by other users user
    . Live demo: derivative.
  2. local editing: you can store all your personal knowledge base content locally in a plaintext markup format that can be edited locally and published with OurBigBook CLI to either:
    This way you can be sure that even if OurBigBook.com were to go down one day (which we have no plans to as it is quite cheap to host!), your content will still be perfectly readable as a static site.
    Figure 3.
    With OurBigBook you can publish local lightweight markup files to either OurBigBook Web or as a static website
    Video 3.
    Edit locally and publish demo
    . Source. This shows editing OurBigBook Markup and publishing it using the VS Code extension.
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